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We sell on Etsy.  Visit our shop at

Spoolbeans is a custom sewing shop that makes beautiful things, some of them from our designs printed on fabric.  Check out the Spoolbeans Etsy Shop to see the full selection of bags, cases, notebook covers, passport wallets, art wallets for kids or kids-at-heart, and housewares of all sorts.  You'll be glad you did.

If are in or near Cincinnati, Ohio get yourself to Shake It Records.  RTF now.  Well, maybe you should check their hours.  No... just go now, and wait if you have to.  It's worth it.  They're a real, live record shop.  They're a record label.  They support the local music scene.  Plus, they carry a selection of our hand-sewn greeting cards, some snarky and some blank inside.  Yes, you are cool enough to go there.  Tell 'em we sent you.  Give it up for Brick-and-Mortar, beotches!  (Too far away?  They do mailorder, too.)

Special Orders:  Send an e-mail to explaining your special request. Want us to make you that thing you like, but in green instead of purple?  Want us to put the snark from that other card into this card?  Want us to send you 17 Nessie T-Shirts?  We'll figure out whether we can accommodate your request, and we'll try to give you a idea how long it would take. (Oh, and if there's a pink/blank-inside jellyfish card listed in our Etsy shop, please don't ask us for a pink/blank-inside jellyfish card.  Buy it from the Etsy shop.  We like Etsy and we want to play fair.  Thanks.)